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Myctophobia - Fear of Darkness

2 dates from October 18 2012 - October 25 2012
Fear Fair - Indiana's Scariest Haunted House, 800 A Ave, Seymour, IN 47274
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    • Oct 18
    • Thursday, October 18, 2012,
    • 8:00 PM
  • to
    • Oct 19
    • Friday, October 19, 2012,
    • 10:00 PM
    • Oct 25
    • Thursday, October 25, 2012,
    • 8:00 PM
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    • Oct 26
    • Friday, October 26, 2012,
    • 10:00 PM



Myctophobia - Fear of Darkness at Fear Fair is like nothing you’ve experienced in the past.  You may have heard about other haunted attractions having ‘lights out’ events or ‘glowstick nights.’  This is a totally different experience; far more interactive, far more scary, a total mindf**k to be frank.

First things first;

The Rules:

This is a personal experience. Oh, and don’t think you’ll just get inside and wait for your friends... that won’t work.

You will be prompted to do certain actions. 
You must do exactly as you are instructed.  This is for your safety.

You absolutely may not speak.
Scream, cry, whimper all you like...but no talking. You may only utter the safety word if you wish to end the experience.

You may not touch or become physical with the actors.
They will touch you.  You will be led from scene to scene, you may also be restrained and certain sensory deprivation methods may be employed.  We absolutely promise you will not be harmed in any way.

You may end the experience at any time.
You will be instructed at the beginning of the experience as to a safety word that
may utter to end the experience at any time. When you utter this word, you will be escorted out of the attraction as soon as possible.  There are no refunds and those who complete the experience will receive a certificate.  We expect many will not make it through and this will be a badge of courage.

You must be 18 years of age and complete a waiver prior to entering.
Absolutely no exceptions.

Be aware that you will encounter: fog, strobe lights, complete darkness, stairs, loud noises, highly emotional and violent situations, physical contact, restraints and sensory deprivation.  You must wear appropriate clothing and absolutely no flip flops or open toed shoes.

Most will not complete the experience, if you do you will be a member of an elite group. You should be proud.


Customer rules for your protection:
18 and over with signed waiver
No flip flops or open toed shoes
You must walk through alone.

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