Love Bites: A Valentine Haunted House

By Fear Fair Haunted Attraction (other events)

2 Dates Through Feb 10, 2018


(amor morsus)


As you ascend above ground you not only find that you have entered another space in time but quickly realize you have walked right into something very sinister.  

Your eyes take in the dimly lit street, uneasiness sweeps over you.  Just as you’re about to run away  you hear a small voice cry for help.  Anxiety stores in your stomach and you hesitantly call out “hello”?

“ Please, help me” the  voice comes from somewhere beyond the shadows  “I am in pain” your eyes search the darkness for the voice see a young girl, hunched over next to a building on the ground. Waves of curly red hair hide her face  but  as you get closer you notice her ivory skin is flawless under the street lamp.   “What’s the matter”?  you ask as you crouch down next to her.  She turns to you, her eyes are glowing orange and all the distress has left her voice as she begins to laugh hysterically and claw at your clothing.

You panic and begin to flee,  a large man steps from behind the building, blocking your path.  Your pulse starts to quicken,  he smirks and breathes deeply of your fear.   You are no longer  sure what you see is classified as a man, he has deep  red eyes that look inhumanly impossible and long sharp fangs that look like they could rip through anything in his path. He steps closer and the moonlight reflects off his pale skin.  Suddenly another woman appears speaking  softly “We will bring her to you, M’Lord”  and then yet another, steps from the shadows, reaching into the folds off her cloak she pulls out a small dagger. They’re surrounding you,  closing in on you,  hungering for your blood.   Will you make it out alive or will you succumb to their beauty and fall victim to this darkness

Friday, February 9th and Saturday, February 10th from 7pm-11pm. Fast Pass reservations are available.

Mailing Address

800 A Avenue East Seymour, IN 47274